The following list is designed to assist in funeral planning, whether you are preplanning or planning at the time of death.Documents and items to locate
___ Deed to cemetery plot
___ Insurance papers
___ Birth certificate
___ Marriage certificate
___ All deeds and titles
___ Mortgages and notes
___ Automobile records, titles and registrations
___ Tax records
___ Bank account information
___ Credit card information
___ Safe deposit box location and key
___ Social Security benefits information
___ Benefits from any fraternal, veteran or union organizations
___ Veteran discharge papers
___ Citizenship papers

Personal information to prepare for family
_ Information regarding the will (attorney, executor)
___ Name of medical power of attorney, if one exists
___ Names of accountant, stockbroker or banker
___ Information about any real estate, stocks or bonds
___ Plans for any pets

Funeral service preparations
___ Select funeral home
___ Select casket or urn
___ Prepare death certificate
___ Select pallbearers
___ Choose a family viewing or a visitation
___ Select flowers
___ Select music
___ Select where to send memorial contributions
___ Arrange transportation
___ Select clothing/jewelry
___ Select which newspapers to notify
___ Prepare information for obituary (family history, education, professional history, activities, etc.)
___ Arrange reception (location and food)
___ List family and friends to notify

Church or Memorial Service Plans
___ Location of a church or memorial service
___ Select clergy
___ Name any family or friends that should deliver eulogy or participate in service
___ Select scripture or literature to read
___ Select photographs to display
___ Burial Preparations
___ Select cemetery plot
___ Select grave marker and inscription

After the Funeral

Thank yous
___ Send acknowledgement cards for flowers, donations, food, or any significant gestures of kindness

Real Estate
___ Transfer of Real Estate properties
___ Apply for widowed person exemption
___ Apply for Homestead & Disabilities Exemption

Notify Insurance Companies and File Claims
___ Contact Funeral Director to arrange for Death Certificates for every claim and several extras
___ Life insurance
___ Medical, Health, Disability, Travel & Accident
___ Retirement Benefits & Annuities
___ Homeowners
___ Car insurance
___ Change Survivors Beneficiary

Apply for Appropriate Benefits
___ Social Secuirty Survivors Benefits
___ Veterans Burial & Survivors Benefits
___ Pension Benefits (contact place of employment)
___ Workmen’s Compensation Benefits
___ Civil Service
___ Railroad Retirement

Notify Stockbroker
___ Change ownership of jointly or solely owned stocks
___ IRA and retirement accounts
___ Transfer bonds
___ Mutual or other funds

Notify Banks
___ Change all jointly held accounts
___ Cancel direct deposit benefits payments
___ Reestablish safe deposit box
___ Reestablish all outstanding mortgages, personal notes, etc
___ Apply for life insurance which may exist on loans, credit card and mortgages
___ Certificates of deposit
___ IRA accounts

Notify Department of Motor Vehicles
___ Transfer titles of all registered vehicles
___ Cancel driver’s license
___ Cancel voter registration

Notify all credit card account companies
___ Apply for credit life insurance
___ Cancel all individually held credit card accounts
___ Change all jointly held accounts

Notify attorney/accountant/tax consultant

___ If a will must be probated
___ If your will needs to be revised for income tax purposes